SEMA accredited.
Posted by Rack Training
November 23, 2016

Is your training SEMA accredited?

Is your training SEMA accredited? We get asked this question often. The easiest answer is no, it is not SEMA accredited. But here’s why it isn’t…

Our training has been developed by those working within the pallet racking/storage industry over the past 30+ years. Our team have a collective experience pool of well over 200 years. What they don’t know about racking and the safety/inspection/maintenance of it, SEMA accredited.isn’t worth knowing.

Each and every course we write and deliver is done so to the EN 15635 standard. This is the holy grail of our industry in  and is what SEMA base their recommendations and codes of practice from.  The EN 15635 standard as a business for us is exactly what every training course should be written too, not another persons opinions based around it.

Our training courses have been delivered globally to well over 200 companies over the years. Including giants of the supermarket and DIY trade. Candidates of each have received training to the highest standard by qualified trainers who have operated within the industry for years.

So in a nutshell. No our training is not SEMA accredited. But it is written to the highest standard available by those who have an unparalleled knowledge of the industry