Posted by Rack Training
January 25, 2018

Pallet racking training made easier… turning classroom based courses into E-learning.

At Rack Training, although our classroom and on site courses are something we are very proud of, an online setting also offers a number of benefits that a classroom cannot provide whilst still providing the same high standard of learning.

Whether the course is for yourself or your employees, the benefit of being able to complete the course in a time and place that suits you is one that definitely stands out. The user is in full control of the length of time it takes to complete the course. If something is not fully understood, they can go back to review it before moving on again, without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable disrupting a full classroom. This is something that we wanted to make fundamental to the online courses; therefore, we have put a lot of time in making the software easy to use and simple to understand.

If the pass level isn’t met, the quiz style tests which occur throughout the process can be re taken again and again until the minimum target is reached, giving the user a relaxing yet rewarding experience.
Upon completion of the course, the user will receive a completion certificate in the chosen field. This is given as a printable PDF which can be archived and saved. The course available, focuses on ‘Pallet Racking Safety Awareness’ aimed at those who are new to warehouse environments, and pallet racking in general. In the near future we will be adding to our online course library, turning all our industry leading classroom based courses into an E-Learning equivalent.