Posted by Rack Training
September 17, 2020

Training during Covid-19

Rack Training are now back to carrying out regular on-site training on our clients’ sites.

We carry out training on site as we find this is by far the best way to train delegates on the inspection and maintenance of Pallet Racking systems.

They are trained on the racking systems that they use and are responsible for day-to-day, in a familiar and comfortable environment, ultimately reducing down time and costs.


For your safety and peace of mind, measures have now been put in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, to protect bout our trainers and your em ployees.

Some of these measures include:

  • Strict hygiene measures for any tools and/or equipment brought on site
  • Carrying and using relevant PPE, including face coverings
  • Covid-19 risk assessment in place (a copy can be provided before the visit)
  • Maintaining social distancing throughout the training.; if social distancing cannot be achieved, the training will not go ahead
  • Minimising the maximum number of attendees to 4 per course

Contact us now at if you have a need for training, and would like to see how much time and money this on-site training can save you!